The Hunk, the Boss, THE GUY 

Damn it, I saw him after 5 years after serious meditation to try to forget him. Well, it’s not Mr.X, but he was THE GUY, Mr.Bossman. And I didn’t per say see him in person, but I saw him online when I was browsing. Apparently, he’s running to be Brown school student trustee or something. I’ll spare you the sob story.

I was a hormonally crazed 11-year old who has had her period for a year now and still didn’t know how to control my emotions, and he was a tall, built guy with the world’s cutest dimples. He and I had a similar personality; we were both assertive, bossy, in control of things, and very studious (I guess we would both be Doms in a relationship…I don’t know how that would work????). Anyway we were best of friends, we told each other everything, we agreed almost all the time, and things were going well until my hormones decided that I had to go and like him. But nooo, instead of telling him how I felt, I just had to help him get my best friend to be his girlfriend in 5th grade. Great going you knucklehead. They did break up in 6th grade when she liked another guy, a much taller and bigger guy, also known as Gandalf. So when I told him that I liked him two months after they broke up, he said that he would never like me, and blamed me for his break-up with my friend. That entire school year was hell, as Mr.Bossman taunted me, poked fun at me and ultimately made me feel crappy and depressed. I don’t think I ever felt happy that entire year. I swore to myself that I would never want to see him after he moved to Brown Town the following year. But he never really left me, cause you see, he taught me a valuable lesson, to not be so naive and vulnerable, but strong and forceful.

I basically became a person who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Now he didn’t do that in a philosophical way, but he pushed me around so much, and used me to get his homework and assignments done. Mr.Bossman used my crush towards him as a weapon to use my brain. He says one nice thing, and next thing you know, I’m doing all his homework plus all my homework. I am who I am today partly because of him.

Nevertheless, now that I saw him after all these years, I have to say, he still looks fine with his beard and black rimmed glasses (trust me, he looks better than how I describe it), but I think I would just stick to appreciating him as a guy who made tough Scarlet. He was jerk, but he was jerk that helped me learn that I am not a person that should be stepped on by. Thank you, fuck you, but thank you for making me a somewhat bad ass (and I use this term very loosely).



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