Contemplating Life Choices

You know that feeling you get when you fucked up sooo bad, and even though people said it was okay, you fuckin try finding the empirical formula of phosphorus and oxygen, fucking thinking that you can’t use a periodic table. I’m that fucked up. In other words, I am so guilty about what I did.

Guys be real with me, I fucked up, BIG TIME!!!! Now all of a sudden people are scared of me, like imma gonna expose them (not mad, just a little offended, and there is more than one of you out there). Look buddy, if you haven’t figured this out by now, well this fuckin blog is about me, I’m exposing myself. I’ll be real with you, you don’t fuck with me, I won’t fuck with you. This is just so stupid, why the hell would a 16 year want to write a blog anyway. I am currently juggling a job at Victora Secret (I’m the fitting girl, and no you may not get a discount), IB, and a somewhat inexistent social life. Why? Why the fuck did I start this? Because I’m a fuckin open book with no filter. I like telling people my story, but if I’m gonna lose my friends in the process why the fuck should I even try. I saw how many people liked reading my blog, but please (and I encourage for you to comment), are you reading because of the content or of the people in my blog…. I’m seriously contemplating my decisions as I try to solve this molecular formula…My stance holds true, I will release a proper blog in the next two days, only if I get a proper answer.


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