The Beginning of the Beginning (Part III)

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Before I was Scarlet, the girl writing some shit about some people we may or may not know; I was Scarlet, the girl sitting up on that bridge eating a chicken wrap (with onions) with Mr.Sexy and Mr.Blueberry. Upon that bridge, well I’d like to make it easier on everyone when I call them the Red Bull Bimbos (I love ya tho). Now let me go through some of the more prominent people up on that bridge, which according to a wise teacher, if we jump off the most that would happen to us is a broken limb (man I love my school). That bridge is the only reason I got to know Mr.X’s uhhh “dark” side (that force is strong with this one). Now everyone is just dying to know about Mr.Sexy…I know your dirty minded, perverted thoughts. Why is he Mr.Sexy? Is he your ting? Well, I’m getting to it….JEEEEEZ

I knew Mr.Sexy way back when-when I was but a mere fetus child (well I still have the height of a fetus…haha, I beat ya to the roast). Mr.Sexy and I weren’t exactly friends, we were actually the very opposite of friends (we were like dog and cat…dumb and dumber but without a friendship). We didn’t like each other. But when push comes to shove (the song of capitulation), he was the only person I still talk to from my past (my ape queen past). Mr.Sexy and I had our differences, but ultimately we both grew (me metaphorically; him literally), matured, and came to a mutual realization that there is no harm (but all harm) in being friends. I started sitting up on that bridge towards the end of semester one of grade 11. It was rocky at first due to some incidences of paparazzi wanting to capture an out of context cuddle shot of Mr.Sexy and I [Mr. Birth mark (aka Mr.DomtheSub or Mr.player; your pick) I want those pictures deleted, you hear], but that bridge was about the only place where I could get some peace and quiet, and a good self-reflection on my life. So to answer your question, no, Mr.Sexy and I are not dating, and yes ladies he’s single and ready to mingle with guns of steel. 

Mr.Blueberry is a 100-year-old wise man who lived up in the Himalayas trapped in a 16-year-old’s body. I see him as a philosopher who has a set life ahead of him (I can’t even decide what I want for breakfast…forget deciding what I want 10 years down the road). He is the man with class, the man with a handkerchief to give to a damsel in distress, the man with a trenchcoat, and about the cutest romantic I have ever known (I’m making this clear right now, I will be using the Barbershop quartet idea to ask Sweetie out to prom). Although he is straight, I totally ship him with Mr.CoolBeans (sorry Mr.NBA, Mr.CoolBeans is just not into you like that…I hope you understand).

Now, why the fuck am I talking about these two Bimbos. Well along with them we got Bananas, Mr.Cauliflower, and Rolex who really did ultimately influence (or help me realize) that there was no turning back and that I had to tell Mr.X that I like him before it’s too late. I guess I really was too late in the end.

Enough of that….wait until the next blog, your minds will be blown (I hope it does) because the final part of my flashback blogs will be of Mr.X, The Origin Story.


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