Promposals and Quartets

Being in high school for three years, I have seen quite a bit of promposal in high school in both this school and online. It’s sooo romantic and if a girl says she never wants a promposal, she’s fucking lying to make herself seem grounded (don’t fuckin lie to me, you want a guy to shower you with love and affection). You know for a girl who likes a lot of things big 😉 I actually want my promposal (if I ever get one that is) to be simple and personal. I don’t want the huge balloons that are crazy shit expensive, or the entire school to be a part of my moment. I always imagined me, him, and a few (literally just three of my closest friends) to be there to share in my special day. Obviously, I want to be surprised by the promposal. Okay now, let me get into the actual event. It’s 2:30 and I just came out of class. Sweetie and SFX come up to me and steer me away to stall for some time. They’re making me look at a shitty lab to fix that they screwed up on purpose. I’m helping them on the second floor while on the third floor (where I assume my locker will be near the social science wing) my guy along with Mr.Blueberry, Mr.Player, Mr.Cauliflower, and Mr.Sexy are helping my guy set up (I mean he could be from another school or this school). It’s 3:10, I finally finished correcting the lab, and Sweetie and SFX along with Ironfuckmewoman come upstairs with me to my locker as I look puzzled. I turn the corner to my locker when I see my guy standing at the end of the hallway wearing something fancy (not a suit and tie…but I mean if you want I’m not against that). Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran is playing in the background, my friends are now on the side, and my guy walks up to me holding a single rose (come on those things are also pretty expensive). We meet in the middle and he says, “Scarlet Ramerez, will you make me the happiest guy in the world and go to prom with me.” I obviously take the rose, say “yes, and we hug (maybe kiss). You know I’m a hopeless romantic when I planned out how my promposal would look like, it is also an indication that I have nothing better to do with my life.

Okay, now time for some fun. A couple of weeks ago, Mr.Blueberry and I were talking about prom when we came up with a very clever promposal. A barber shop quartet. It’s basically 4 guys dressed in striped polo shirt and suspenders singing. Now, this is a fantasy but it will get a good laugh. Our plan is asking Sweetie to prom. Sweetie, I’m telling you right now, you, me, prom, if ur still single by next year, will you go to prom with me?

Okay, Sweetie, this is for you. Sweetie is coming up from class. Mr.Blueberry, Mr.Player, Mr.NBA (now known as Mr.Popcorn…you’re welcome) and I are dressed in a different colored striped polo shirt, top hats on our heads, canes in our hands, suspenders, trousers, and mustaches. We’re gonna fucking Pitch Perfect a really romantic song perhaps, “Why I love the moon.” As Sweetie comes upstairs we all kneel down one at a time and in perfect harmony sing “Will you got to prom with ussss” We will each give her a rose and circle her. She will cry, we will hug and next thing you know she has 4 dates to prom (but she will ultimately go out with me). This is something I did conjure from my imagination, and well Sweetie this is my little gift to you for you Birthday, your fuckin old now but I don’t want to wish you like a normal person, so I made a fantasy for you. Enjoy 🙂


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