Latinas and Lesbian Fantasies *Not intended for reading in class or at work

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About two months ago while fitting bras at Victoria Secret, I met a very interesting girl. She was a tight Latina with chestnut brown hair flowing down in spiraling swirls and eyes that were deep and full of life. She was tight and well I got nothing else to say about that. As I was fitting her, she gave me a look like she wanted to talk, so I started. We talked for a bit and the most I can say is that she recently moved to Canada (which explained the accent), she wants to be a veterinarian (she’s in first year Uni), and oh did I mention she thought I was cute (oh I should have mentioned the part where she was hitting on me, that’s right a hot Latina was hitting on me!!!!!). At that very moment, I told myself if I was a lesbian, I would totally hit that girl up. Alas, I am not a lesbian but if I was, my two female lovers would be Beyoncé and Shakira (damn that girl’s hips don’t lie). I even took the Kinsley, how gay are you test and scored a 3. That meant that I was Bi, in other words, I appreciated both females and males as a potential lover. Although my female celebrity crushes are beyond my reach, I did create a fantasy of my own with SFX.

***Disclaimer: this is a story conceived by the author’s imaginations and contains some sexual language (as asked by SFX), reader’s discretion is advised

We come from two different worlds but alas fate had pre-designed our destiny to be together. I didn’t meet SFX  in person but through my phone. It all started with one DM into my Instagram, that started a fiery passion in our hearts. We talked for 5, 10 hours without knowing how we really looked, for looks can be deceiving when one’s words hold true to their personality. After what seemed like an eternity but merely two months we finally were going to meet by the old willow tree at the park down the street. I wanted to look my best as wore a tight red t-shirt that curved around what really mattered and some blue jeans. I knew that SFX was taller than me so I wore my black stilettos just to look in her deep brown eyes (that’s how she described them). It was 4:00 as I wait under the tree. My palms grew sweaty and my heart beat fast as I irrationally thought, what if she doesn’t like me? What if I’m not what she hoped for in a girlfriend? It was 4:10 when she finally arrived as my eyes trailed toward her curvaceous body. Her eyes, deep brown like dark roast coffee, her hair, like silk woven from the heaven, and her lips, soft and so innocent. I wanted to memorize every part of her, out of fear of forgetting even one detail of this very moment. SFX finally started to say, “You are more beautiful than I have ever imagined.” As she runs her slender fingers through my hair and stroked my bottom lips, I lean forward wanting to say thanks but instead gently with my lips, kiss and nibble against her soft neck. She pressed her lips urgently into mine as if no space in the world should separate us. My eyes close as I lean into her like she is the pillar of my life. When we finally emerge from our trance, I lay on top of her stomach  fiddling with her hair, as she whispers, “I never want this to end.” I lift my head to kiss her and say, “forever.”

This little story is dedicated to SFX, but for the special person reading my blog, one day we will meet in person, I promise.



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