Emotionally Dependent VS. Desperate 

When you’re messed up things that you do:

  1. Fuck up some more
  2. Try to fix what you fucked up 
  3. Drag more people into your fucked up life
  4. Find a great guy and drag him into the prison that you call life

I know I said this before but IMMA a fucking hypocrite, there I said. I in a previous blog said that a long distance relationship is not idealistic and will never work (and I went through the shit) but here I am once again getting myself into a long distance relationship, but here’s the new spin it’s actually an advantage that we don’t go to the same school. I guarantee we would not have been able to talk (trust me on this). So there are those who asked me, “how does he look like?” “Is he hot?” Well let me ask you this, if you had a pot of gold, would you tell me where you keep it? When something is special and precious to you, you won’t fucking go and describe it or show it around. That’s me, I’m not gonna fucking advertise him to the world so you can take him away from me. Ohhhh Scarlet being all possessive and shit eh? Noooo im not being possessive but I’ve been told that I am “emotionally dependent.” Hmmmmm now I was curious in figuring out what this meant so I delved deeper into myself.

Fun fact, according to my horoscope (Gemini), in my educational life and career life I am a very independent, but in my social life I am very dependent on a companion and since I am straight (but I do appreciate the ladies), I would need to have a guy to help me through life in a social sense (I guess making me feel like I’m a part of a community). Now here’s the thing I don’t have to fuck this guy or suck his dick to have to be his girlfriend, and I wouldn’t JUST DO anything just to get some guy to be mine. I have boundaries and if you cross it, you simply die or the equivalent, I stop talking to you. My guy is like every guy in the 21st century, wants to constantly jack off and is often horny. I don’t blame him, a girl is just as bad as guys except we don’t get morning wood and well you know the human anatomy so figure the rest out. What I am saying is that girls and guys at this age have perverted thoughts and are messed up, but in the wise words of health class, if you don’t feel comfortable with anything, JUST SAY NO!!!

 You may be thinking, why the fuck is Scarlet giving us a health class. Well it’s because I wanted to be very clear on the difference on what “emotionally dependent” and “desperate” is. You see, I’m not a fucking desperate hoe cause I got boundaries and if you don’t fuckin respect it, you fucking keep walking to the Bermuda until I never have to see you again. But no, I am emotionally dependent, meaning that I feel more complete with a male companion. In all fairness my guy is the respect women like people type so yeah, but for the idiots who call girls in relationships desperate, they are not, they are emotionally dependent (this also does not mean people who seek validation).  


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