First Dates and First Kisses


I have finally done it, I figured out the name I would give to my guy and it is… Mr.Chat. Mr.Chat? you may ask, why not Mr. Babe, or Mr.Hottie. Although these will all do justice to who he is, Mr.Chat seems the most appropriate since we started talking through Snapchat. Get it now? Okay, it is Sunday, and well I couldn’t be any happier. I saw him, I finally got to meet Mr.Chat!!!! Yes, I Scarlet Ramerez did it. Not “it” but met him in person, in real life, in 3D. You know what they say, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Well, no picture could have captured his height. The guy is like a fuckin tree. Let me put it in perspective, my head starts where his rib cage (or below that) is. Even with my heels on he was tall, then again almost every guy is. When I saw him come out of the library, this is all my brain was doing, “Hoot Hoot Hoot Hoot!!!!!” I mean he was not what I expected. I was expecting the awkward, weird, gross guy I remembered from before, not this. I denied it the entire time, but despite being on period, I was totally turned on by him. Look this was sort of like the first date I’ve had in 3 years but I’ll break down the events that occurred:

  1. We hugged
  2. He took me to this private spot at BLANK and we set our bags down (for the next three hours following our meet-up was school work); I felt like a character in those romantic movies that gets taken into a romantic hideout in the middle of nowhere
  3. We stared at each other. I  tried to take in every detail of him, from his slender, long fingers to his mustache and what seems to be a goatee
  4. I nestled my head in his chest as he wrapped his arm around me
  5. We talked for a bit…..
  6. We kissed, made out… it really varied
  7. We talked some more
  8. We made out
  9. We talked some more 😉

Okay so you get the gist, we talked and kissed (fun fact, this was the real first kiss I ever had). Yeah Scarlet, so much for taking things slow. I know, I know, but here’s what my heart was saying. Look at him, and look at fate Scarlet. You were broken, misshapen, and just shit before you met Mr.Chat. Now you have a reason to smile like a fool every day, and a guy to make you feel like you belong (again I am emotionally dependent). It’s like the saying, “when one door closes, another shall open.” Look, I can’t really describe Mr.Chat in any other way, but my prince charming that saved my sorry ass, and swept me off my feet. The time I was with him, I couldn’t help but be happy. I’m pretty sure Mr.Chat felt the same way, cause I well noticed his “excitement.” He made me feel beautiful, alive, and right before the math exams, thankful that I haven’t killed myself from the many papers I did. In fact, thanks to him I was able to do an entire exam and scored an 85/90. Mr.Chat, although we can’t always be together, god the whole two worlds is really pushing it, but I just want you to know that today has got to be the best day of my high school life. Thank you.   


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