The Little girl who said “Fuck off”

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“Let’s talk about sex baby, Let’s talk about you and me.” No Rolex, no. We ain’t doing that. Okay look I get, we go to high school. There are a lot of sexual tensions and animal-like hunger in many. But seriously, a brown girl goes on one date, can’t stop smiling to the point where her jaws hurt and next thing I know I’m getting the “talk.” “Okay, Scarlet, I want you to be careful.” What, you see a tiny ass girl and instantly she becomes the victim of a rape scene. Come on people. Now you turn Mr.Chat into the devil out to take my soul. What the fuck, we went on a date. Now if we could date every week like a normal couple and see each other every day, maybe we wouldn’t have made out on our first date or had me sit on his lap (fun fact, guys get hard from just holding a girl’s hand who knew…Mr.Blueberry did). Look I know a lot of people have been asking me about the type of guy Mr.Chat is, or how he may look like, but here’s the thing, I will get in a lot of trouble if I go past this point. You see the barrier, I step across, I’m dead, finito, Tu es comprend?

Okay with that cleared out, why the fuck am I so happy? I mean I guess it’s because…..ummmmm….ughhhh, okay I don’t really know but this is what I know, I don’t have to worry about the what if. You know, “what if we met up?” “What if he and I got to talk in person?” I won’t be asking these fuckin theory of knowledge questions all the time as I find the derivative of sine (yeah I know, it’s in the formula booklet).  All I’m saying is don’t fuckin assume if you don’t know the whole story. People infer in a poem, on the type of character Kattrin or Yvette are in Mother Courage and her Children. Don’t infer shit on my life. Furthermore, when is that when I go on a date, people assume the wrong things. We made out, we talked, I sat on his lap, he got hard (then again, wouldn’t all guys get hard). What more is there to say. We were still in a fairly public setting. What the fuck is wrong with the brain of a high schooler. How much more can I get in detail? Okay imagine this:

You just started a blog. It’s doing pretty well. Then, out of nowhere a guy you have not seen in fuckin years decides to DM you on Instagram to catch up on life like what old friends would do. Once you’re all caught up, you start getting into more personal shit because you both feel more comfortable talking about it. Now you’ve seen pictures of each other but it has been I don’t know, may 3 or 4 years since you have actually seen the person. Would you not want to meet them in person? Now on top of this add your exams. It’s exam season and you value academics more than anything (both of you). You still want to study but you also want to meet this person because God knows when you would meet again. So you plan to meet up and study. Finally, you end up hanging out for an hour or 2 and then go your separate ways and study. Get the gist. This one date might as well be the last time I see him until after the June exams (we got our priorities straightened out). This also means we won’t be texting each other during this time, talking or will have no form of communication (we really want to do well). So all in all, you see why this meet up was so important to us….jeeez louise.


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