Impure Dreams & New Feels to Catch 

I had a dream. No I’m not about to break out into a Martin Luther King Jr. speech but I had a dream last night. It was a naughty dream, but a dream nonetheless. I was with Mr.Chat. We were at BLANK and we were alone. I was wearing sweatpants, and a grey sweatshirt. He was wearing a red hoodie and jeans. As we set our bags down in the corner, he sits down and has his legs outstretched. He beckons me to sit beside him. I take my black heels off so I don’t hit his more “delicate” parts. I sit on his legs facing him. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I lean closer to kiss him. I can taste his minty fresh gum mingle with my excel bubble gum. Our eyes are closed, but for the time we were making out, the world seemed clearer. I felt like a rebel without a cause. Defying my parents to meet my guy, being secretive, I felt like that girl from every complicated love story movie (ha I’m Nicholas Sparks). While kissing, Mr.Chat slowly inched his hand inside my shirt and stroked the small of my back. As we emerge from our trance, I look him in the eyes as he takes my face in his hands and smiles as he whispers “damn girl.”

 That is the extent to the memory of my dream. Believe it or not, I woke up at exactly 2:34 this morning to write this dream out on the bottom of a tissue box. I know, crazy. I also vaguely remember myself saying 101.325kPa in there somewhere as well (I had a chemistry quiz today). It was a weird dream I must say, as thoughts such as these never crossed my mind when I had a crush on Mr.X. I don’t know man, I smile for no reason, I think such impure thoughts; either I’m really fucked up or I’m starting to really like Mr.Chat. Is that weird, to like someone like that? I mean I’m still chaste (for the most part) but are these fucked up dreams a way for my brain to tell me “uhhh Scarlet, I think you’re catching the feels.” Ha, how life work like a recurring cycle that goes around, and around, and around (you get the idea). But here’s where my cycle is different, for once Mr.Chat might actually have the same feelings…..Damn Scarlet! 


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